Brain Drain

Consider this post simply a post for the sake of posting.  My last few weeks have been so bombarded with stress and responsibility, I ended up putting off one of my best outlets!  Yes, Killer J enjoys emptying his mind via blog.  The problem is my mental energy has been so focused on trainings (both conducting and attending), travel, family stuff, and work I’ve neglected this poor website, and my loyal readership… All five of you.

So, I have nothing novel to discuss or report.  Just that my brain has been drained of motivation.  This is my attempt at getting my foot in the door to begin writing again.  For quality entertainment, I leave you with this:


3 thoughts on “Brain Drain

  1. Dude! You are hard up if you are putting on singing dogs. I haven’t seen you at class. What’s this training you have been doing? Is the Dragon Eagle or what ever it is called?

    • Trainings for work actually. My buddy and I are in charge of teaching staff appropriate take downs, and have been traveling around to various facilities. Last week, I was in Denver for a training in which I was the one getting trained. Lame. I’ll be there Monday.

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