R&R Hell

Lifting weights has been a part of me for a long time; half my life actually.  In the past fourteen years,  the weight room has seen my absence on rare occasion.  For instance, I was back in the gym five days after I tore my biceps tendon. I can clinically diagnose myself as an addict.

Now, I have known the value of rest and relaxation for quite some time.  It’s necessary to rebuild muscle and purge the mind.  I just haven’t willingly followed it for shit, until this week.  Mace (a Dragon Eagle/friend) convinced me to lift for four weeks, then take a week off.  It should give my joints and muscles a chance to recover, and yield better results in the long run.  Well, this has been my rest week.  All I have done is jiu jitsu, and I’m going bat shit crazy.

Bat Shit

This isn’t rest and relaxation, it’s exercised induced delirium tremens.  I don’t like it, but it is probably a necessary evil.  When Monday comes, I will reignite my long standing, passionate affair with barbells and squat racks.  I miss you, sweet heart.


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