iPod Nano and Exercise

Katchie bought me an iPod Nano for Christmas, therefore, I resigned myself to joining the club of music dependent morons at the gym.  I’ve always had some contempt for you blissfully unaware, iPod-clad gym goers.  Crazy thoughts cross my mind, like “accidentally” dropping my dumbbells on your foot as you mindlessly prance across my path.  The old ads depicting people jamming out by themselves in front of a bright colored background are about right; nobody else exists in the mind of the iPod wearer!

Don't do this in MY gym!

Well, now I’m one of you.  After just two days of working out while wearing an iPod, I’m hooked.  I tune everybody else out, and better yet, nobody bugs me!  When I have earphones in, weight-room noobs don’t incessantly stop me with a barrage of questions!  Best of all, I can pick the exact song I need to hit a big lift.  Some well timed Lamb of God might as well be an auditory steroid!  I’ll never go back.  Just don’t drop your dumbbell on my foot when I’m mid-riff on my air guitar.


7 thoughts on “iPod Nano and Exercise

  1. The gyms out here play the worst music, so I see why people would want to tune them out. The wrong song playing in the background can ruin your spirit, and suck the energy out of you. My only concern is investing in the IPod, and then smashing it with iron on accident, or constantly fidgeting with the head phone wires… Are there wireless ear buds? So until I can figure out a remedy I’m stuck with Lady Gaga, and her remixed beats while I’m in the gym.

    • The wires definitely suck. They do have wireless buds, but they are gigantic. By the way, do you keep up your blog? What’s it called again?

  2. Haha! I know exactly what you mean. I never used to carry mine around with me until I bought the shuffel. Now, I HATE going to the gym without my Ipod. Congrats, Jeff… I’m happy that you’ve joined us “blissfully unaware, iPod-clad gym goers.” :):):)

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