Fixing Achilles’ Heel

Interminable comfort is bad for you.  When one is perpetually comfortable, it means they aren’t changing.  There are certain parts of my jiu jitsu game that work fairly well for me, and I’ve grown comfortable relying on them.  I then neglect improving my glaring weaknesses.  To “work on” improving my weaknesses elicits anxiety, as it means I’ll inevitably be putting myself in bad situations.  Without embracing the anxiety produced by change, I’ve resigned myself to being comfortable in my stagnation.  This has to change.

Achilles was a bad ass.  He was indestructible, save for his heel.  Wikipedia teaches us Achilles was dipped head first in super water by his mom.  His entire body was submerged in the water, save for the spot on his heel covered by his mother’s hand as she held him during the process.  This awesome warrior was eventually struck down by an arrow to the heel.  How weak is that?

Well, I’m Achilles. Admittedly, I have dozens of weaknesses, get beat by somebody nearly every time I train, and sport a world ranking of 53510.   Other than that, I’m Achilles.  Well, no more.  I will step out of my comfort zone and embrace the anxiety that comes from training the soft areas of my game.


4 thoughts on “Fixing Achilles’ Heel

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