2010 Resolutions!

Post your New Years Resolutions on the infamous Killer J site.  It will be here for all to see.  Make sure you keep to your word!  Here’s mine:

1) I won’t force myself to train through injuries or sickness.  Unless I’m feeling at least 85%, I will recuperate.

2) I will get at least two tournament victories at the Intermediate Skill level.

3) I will get Emotional Fitness Rehabilitation (my psychotherapeutic creation) published in an academic journal.

4) Same as last year, I will reserve Friday nights for my beautiful wife.

Your turn, go:


6 thoughts on “2010 Resolutions!

  1. Change the world for the better

    Make sure my life reflects my beliefs and opinions

    Pay off a significant portion of my debt

    Read more, pray more, do more

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