2009 Resolution Review

Last year, I made the following resolutions:

1) Compete in as many grappling tournaments as I’m realistically able to do.  I’ll hold myself to a minimum of 3.

2) Create my own LLC and find a place to practice once I get my LCSW in June.

3) Continue to reserve Fridays as a date night with Katchie.  NOTHING comes between me and the ol’ maid on Friday…

Now, for the grades.

1) I competed in three, and had to pull out of three due to injuries.  Since I met my minimum and TRIED to go for more, I give myself an A.

2) I haven’t even taken a step forward to getting my LLC.  I’ve done other cool things that will help me out once I get going on opening my business, but I haven’t done squat to do that.  I get a D.

3) Katchie and I probably hit 90% of our date nights.  We get a definite A.

That gives me an overall GPA of 3.0.  Solid B average for 2009!


One thought on “2009 Resolution Review

  1. I got a “F” for last year because I didn’t remember or right them down. I’m glad you did. This year I posted them like you so I won’t forget.

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