The Courtesy Call and The Black Spot

I went to the doctor for The Black Spot.  It’s no curse, just a nasty illness.  I have Staph Impetigo!  I likely picked up this insidious infection while grappling.  So now, I get to take a full load of antibiotics and not go the gym or train (or compete in the Throwdown tournament) for a couple weeks.  Since I picked it up grappling and have trained since then, I did the courtesy of calling my training partners to inform them.  Here’s how it went with one of my partners named “G”:

telephoneMe: Hey, we need to talk.

G: Sure, what’s up?

Me: Remember that night when we got sweaty and rolled around together? It was that Monday night when we just kind of  “ended up” at the gym at the same time?  

G: Yes, yes.  Of course I remember that night.  How could I forget…

Me: Well, the doctor told me I have impetigo.  I, uh, thought you should know.  You should get tested. 

                                              G: …

                                              Me: I’m so sorry, G!

                                              G: Whore! (click)

One call down, twenty to go.  Maybe I should learn to have some discretion with those I grapple with.


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