Filthy Swine and The Black Spot

The Swine got me!  I was in top shape for the upcoming jiujitsu tournament, and some sick prick had to hack and sputter all over me, effectively coating me with pig bugs.  I started coughing a little last Saturday and Sunday, but still felt fairly good.  Monday morning comes around, and BAM!  I was done for.  My hot nurse took good care of me, so I’m back up and good to go.

Except for one thing.  I have the The Black Spot!

black spotYup, straight out of The Pirates of the Caribbean, but that shit’s on my face! The Swine knocked my immune system down enough that The Black Spot saw its opportunity, swooped in, and took root by my mouth.  It’s not going away either, no matter what I slather on.  Hydrocortisone, lotion, vaseline, salves, ointments, ketchup… nothing!  I better go watch the movie again to figure out how Jack Sparrow got rid of the curse; apparently the cure doesn’t come in a bottle.


3 thoughts on “Filthy Swine and The Black Spot

  1. Sorry to hear you got sick…..the swine flu is no fun! As for the black spot….hmmmmm….in My Big Fat Greek Wedding they say windex cures anything! It’s worth a shot! 😉

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