The more I learn about the world, the more convinced I become I don’t know jack.  I decided I needed to know more about cool shit like black holes and the universe.  I bought Stephen Hawking’s, “A Brief History of Time.” Hawking does an excellent job creating a dumbed down explanation of the universe, but I learned so many new things that I unwittingly ended up having five times as many new questions than before I bought the book!  Like, why can’t light escape a black hole?  It’s LIGHT, for hell’s sake!


My profession is the same way.  Prior to my professional and educational experience, I figured I give good advice so I’d make a good therapist.  I have since learned that to effectively help somebody, you must take ecology, biology, psychology, society, cultural influence, thinking patterns, past trauma, strengths, weaknesses, intelligence, learning styles, thought patterns, verbal communication style, non-verbal communication, resistance to treatment, legal history, drug and alcohol history, developmental level, gender, ethnicity, etc. in to account.  Also, you must simultaneously be empathic, compassionate, self-aware, charismatic, believable, logical, and intuitive all while having their best interests in mind.  I love my job, but I’m fully aware I have just scratched the surface.


For the record, the universe and psychology are definitely heady matters, but don’t even get me started on the wonders of jiu jitsu.



3 thoughts on “Learning

  1. I am an Associate Editor for Routledge Publications, and am researching ideas for a new book on psychoanalysis that I currently have in production. I spotted this Warhol-esque Freud image and though that it might make an excellent cover element, and would like to know if you are the copyright owner for it (as it’s posted on this page), or know who might hold the copyright for it – I’d like to inquire about possibly using it, but if the cost runs too high, it might be prohibitive. Many thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.


    Kristopher Spring
    Associate Editor
    Routledge Psychoanalysis

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