Throwdown Accountability Thread

I decided to register for the Throwdown Tournament in November.  Right now, I’m fat, slow, and out of shape.  I’m going to use this blog as my form of accountability.  I did this once before for the Boise tournament, and it worked out nicely.  This post may be boring as hell for most people, but I’m going to keep an ongoing log on this thread.  The tournament is Nov. 14th, which gives me five weeks.

Conditioning goal:  Intensive cardio four times per week.

Training goal:  Train two to three times per week.  Spend a lot of time working from guard, as my takedowns may be lacking due to my shitty ankle.

Weight goal (the hard one):  Right now I weight 203.  The weight classes are 185 and below for middle weight, and 205 and below for light heavyweight.  I feel strong at light heavy, but will probably be at a disadvantage due to guys that weight 220 cutting down to make the 205 limit.  I may shoot for 185.

Division:  There are only two divisions based on difficulty.  This sucks.  Here’s my poll question.

Do I sand bag and enter the beginner division (I’ve been training two years, beginner is usually 18 months or less)?  Or do I enter the Title division (this could be guys with years and years of more experience)?

Day 1) Nutrition: six meals, all clean.  Conditioning:  low intensity cardio mixed with moderate intensity plyos.  Training:  Guillotines and guillotine defense.

Day 2) Nutrition: six meals, all clean.  Conditioning: 45 min. moderate-high intensity cardio.  Training: none

Day 3) Nutrition: six meals, all clean. Conditioning: 1 hour high intensity cardio mixed with core exercises.  Training: none

Day 4) Nutrition: six meals, all clean. Conditioning: 45 min. boot camp style and 15 min. moderate intensity cardio. Training: None (I was supposed to train today, but covered a couple groups for a friend)

Day 5) Nutrition: six meals, five clean, one moderate.  Conditioning: 1 hour Dragon Eagle. Training: None

Day 6) Nutrition: five meals, four clean, one low/moderate, Conditioning: none.  Training: 2 hours open mat

Day 7) Nutrition: four meals, three clean, one cheat.  Conditioning: none. Training: none.

Day 8) Nutrition: five meals, all clean. Conditioning: 1 hour high intensity weight training plus plyos. Training: 1 hour Ironman style.

Day 9) Nutrition: five meals, all clean. Conditioning: 1 hour moderate to high intensity cardio with core work.  Training: None

Day 10) Nutrition: six meals, all clean. Conditioning: 1 hour high intensity weights with cardio. Training: None

Day 11) Nutrition: five meals, all clean. Conditioning: 1 hour boot camp at Gold’s. Training: 1.5 hours.  Worked on calf slicers.

Day 12) Nutrition: six meals, five clean one moderate.  Conditioning: Dragon Eagle.  Training: none.


6 thoughts on “Throwdown Accountability Thread

  1. You can definitely rise to the occasion. You’re Creatine! Don’t let anything get in your way, you can hang with the more experienced guys! Take them by surprise, and kick some Ass! Good luck!

  2. Enter the title division… do it, do it ! I’m excited for you. I always love following blogs like this one. I’m excited to see the outcome.
    Go you!
    Oh and I seriously L’d-MAO when I saw the “Youtube myself headbutting a dog” option. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  3. Jeff you are a beast!!! Don’t be the “pushover” guy!!! Be tough and cofident!!! I know you can kick some ass!!! I will bug you everyday at work and make sure your following through LOL!!! 😉 Your great at coaching and pushing other people and I know you know how to do the same thing for yourself. SO DO IT MAN!!!

  4. The only reason not to do the Title division would be if you are worried about the heel hooks that are legal in advanced divs and not beginner ones. (I’m old so I worry about the mileage on my joints).

    When I got my blue a few weeks before a tournament (after 1.5 years of training several times a week), I thought about saying “no, don’t give it to me yet” so that I could still compete where I was. But I am much more proud of that 3rd place Blue Belt medal than I would’ve been with a white belt 1st place.

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