Stalemate. (Westside vs. Foley’s II)

STALE-mate.  That’s what my grappling fight basically was today at the Foley’s vs. Westside Jiujitsu Tournament.  I weighed in at 203, which put me in with the heavyweights by three pounds.  There were all of three people in my division (all from Westside), and I got a first round bye due to my good looks.  This put me in to the Championship round without me having to even take off my warmups!

Tory got the best of Tony, so it ended up being me vs. Tory.  I’ll spare the details, because our match went the entire regulation PLUS ten minutes sudden death overtime without either of us scoring a point!  The most exciting part of our match was the ongoing commentary between Tory and I:

T: “Why you grabbing your shorts?”

J: “Why do you have to be so sweaty?”

T: “You got a bye, I’ve already had a match.”

J: “Don’t worry, I’ll end this quickly.”

T: “Quit laying there and do something then!”

The friendly banter kept some of the attention off our snoozer of a bout.  I ended up getting the nod from the judges, as apparently I attempted more submissions even though he had dominant position (in my guard) for most of overtime.  It’s not much of a victory, as most of the time Tory ragdolls me when we train together.  Whatever though, I’ll take it.  Here’s a snapshot from the crowd:


My personal highlight was I got to sport these:


That’s right, socks with toes.  Looks a little fruity?  To hell with it.  Give me five toed socks with rainbow stripes, I’ll rock that shit all day!  Seriously though, these socks save my feet from getting dinged up plus they have traction on the bottom.  They provide traction like wrestling shoes, but keep me from getting heel hooked easily!  Plus, they creep opponents out.


3 thoughts on “Stalemate. (Westside vs. Foley’s II)

  1. Dude, I don’t know why but with those socks, I imagined you wearing those socks, and you’re wearing a bathrobe and you’re sitting on the couch with your feet up on the table and your sipping on hot cocoa and you flipping on the television and you’re either watching Opera or Napoleon Dynamite.

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