Those who have been following Killer J for a while might know my preparation for grappling tournaments is usually pretty solid.  I usually start a strict nutrition regimen approximately four weeks out, and begin conditioning six weeks prior to that.  Nutrition, conditioning, and steady training usually have me feeling somewhat confident come fight day.

Well, I have a tournament (albeit a small one) Saturday and I haven’t prepped for shit!  I could blame my lack of preparation on the rash of injuries I’ve had, but that would only explain why I’ve taken it easy in training.   The last few weekends I’ve managed to gorge myself with a steady stream of Beto’s, Domino’s, and other less than stellar weekend vices.  As far as conditioning, I flexed in the mirror a couple times recently on the way to the refrigerator.  Here’s a picture of me getting undressed after work for the official weigh-ins:


So, I’m wondering what my post following the tournament will be like.  Will I get spanked and pull a Tito Ortiz impersonation and blame my poor performance on the injuries?  (Sorry Tito, you’re one of my favorites but you do this a lot.)  Or will I do well and post something conceited about “rolling off the sofa long enough to tie somebody in a knot?”

Time will tell.


3 thoughts on “Unprepared

  1. Ha Ha Ha and I thought you were so strict and on top of things!!! Looks like I’m the disapointed one now!!! I’m sure you will do fine though. But it is always fun when you show up to work with a black eye or some sort of injury!!

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