Government Stooges

Are you kidding me?  The Coast Guard staged a terrorism training drill without notifying anybody on 9/11, right next to the Pentagon, right after the Pres. gives a commemorative speech.  Unbelievable.  Our security agencies sure seem hell bent on portraying themselves as disorganized buffoons. 


As if the flyover controversy by itself wasn’t enough to show the lack of communication and disorganization among our national defense organizations, let alone the impact such an event would have on the citizenry!  Right before the whole thing got outted as a training exercise, the CNN anchor was lauding the “inter-agency communication skills put in to place after 9/11 to aid in emergency response”   In a morbidly surreal way, it was almost comedic. 

Who ever it is that made the call to carry out a terrorist combative style training right by the Pentagon on the anniversary of the most tragic event to befall our country without informing anybody needs to lose their job immediately.  This person does not have the judgment to pump my gas, let alone safeguard my country.


God bless the victims of 9/11.  We haven’t forgotten.


One thought on “Government Stooges

  1. Haha bunch of goons bro. I can tell this made you pretty mad too because you seem to have posted it pretty soon after I’m assuming.

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