Government Stooges

Are you kidding me?  The Coast Guard staged a terrorism training drill without notifying anybody on 9/11, right next to the Pentagon, right after the Pres. gives a commemorative speech.  Unbelievable.  Our security agencies sure seem hell bent on portraying themselves as disorganized buffoons. 


As if the flyover controversy by itself wasn’t enough to show the lack of communication and disorganization among our national defense organizations, let alone the impact such an event would have on the citizenry!  Right before the whole thing got outted as a training exercise, the CNN anchor was lauding the “inter-agency communication skills put in to place after 9/11 to aid in emergency response”   In a morbidly surreal way, it was almost comedic. 

Who ever it is that made the call to carry out a terrorist combative style training right by the Pentagon on the anniversary of the most tragic event to befall our country without informing anybody needs to lose their job immediately.  This person does not have the judgment to pump my gas, let alone safeguard my country.


God bless the victims of 9/11.  We haven’t forgotten.

Gym Jerks

Go to any “fitness” oriented website and click on the forums.  You’ll probably find threads dedicated to people ranting about people at the gym that annoy them, just like this one.  I noticed two new specimens worthy of mention.

1) Share the Wealth: The Share the Wealth guy is the morbidly obese nuisance in the gym as well as the locker room.  He’s the sweaty fat dude that doesn’t wipe down his equipment after using it.  This is the guy that leaves a coat of sweat on the bench when he gets up.  You can actually see the outlines of his rolls of fat displaced in sweat on the bench!

mold toy

It’s like one of these, but with sweat!

This guy is even worse in the locker room.  Take today, for instance.  I usually put my water bottle and bag on the bench inside the locker room while I change, that way I don’t have to put my water bottle on the nasty floor.  No longer will I do this.  Share the Wealth guy was sitting naked, on the bench.  A random assortment of flaps and folds drooped over the bench in a weird, abstract manner.  It didn’t even look human.  It was like a fleshy Jackson Pollock.  My bewilderment gave way to disgust, as I discovered dude’s dripping, derriere was directly covering where I put my water bottle!  I will be taking my chances with the ground from now on.

2) Curls in the Squat Rack: This pitiful emasculated runt probably doesn’t know any better.  In fact, you may be this runt so pay attention.  The squat rack is for squatting.  Squats are hard.  They suck.  Yet, they are mandatory if you want to get strong.  Squats also require an apparatus capable of supporting several hundred pounds safely.  God gave us the squat rack for this purpose.  Why then, do I inevitably catch posers doing curls of all things in the squat rack?

Do you need to feel safe encompassed in the steel cage?  Is the 45 lbs. you are curling too much to lower all the way to the ground, so you rack it in the squat rack?  Why?!  Look, stick to posing in the mirror while you work your gunzz.  Leave my squat rack alone.   🙂

Liberals Can’t Have Cake

I haven’t gone the way of politics for a while, as most of my friends and family are liberals and won’t talk to me for a few days after a typical Killer J political post.  I could go for a good helping of ostracization.  Then again, most close to me don’t pretentiously bloviate with righteous indignation like the vacuous dick heads in my television set. 

So, I guess I’ll just make my point.  You can’t have equality and diversity.  Both of these are great things, but liberals want them imposed on us by the government.  Well, you can’t have both.  In order to be equal, you would have to do more than just redistribute land and money.  Redistributing land and money equally is absolutely impossible anyway, but the issue goes deeper than that. 

For true equality, you would have to be a genderless, colorless, faithless, and even beliefless (is that a word?) society.  People categorize things by how they differentiate.  We do this from a young age.  In an earlier blog, I went in to this categorization process a lot deeper.  I won’t elaborate on that part here.  Where there is categorization, there is comparison.  Let’s take gender by itself.  For the record, I believe both sexes should be equal so save me the feminist drivel.  Also for the record, men have a physical advantage over women no matter how you slice it.  This creates inequality, which influences our thoughts on the actual capabilities (albeit unfairly in this technological age) of the genders.  Unless you turn us all in to Eunichs, the difference between the genders promotes discrimination all by itself.  By the way, don’t “Google Image” search the word Eunich.  Seriously, don’t.

Long story short, all the wonderful things that make us humans different, or diverse, have a dark side.  I don’t think diversity and equality are necessarily mutually exclusive, but for each standard to be realized in its entirety is a pipe dream.  Nevertheless, take a vote.