The Home Stretch

2010 is just four months away.  How are you doing on your New Year Resolutions from this year?  Do you even remember them?  I didn’t.  I had to look back at the post I had from earlier this year.

So, the question for you is this…  What were your goals?  What grade do you give yourself so far?  Post your goal, and your grade on this blog so your are accountable for all the public to see.  Go!

I committed to the following:

1) Compete in as many grappling tournaments as I’m realistically able to do.  I’ll hold myself to a minimum of 3.

2) Create my own LLC and find a place to practice once I get my LCSW in June.

3) Continue to reserve Fridays as a date night with Katchie.  NOTHING comes between me and the ol’ maid on Friday…

Well, at this juncture I’ll give myself a B+ overall.

I’ve competed in two tournaments, and had to withdraw from one tournament due to: bad scar

I am training for a big tournament in November, and may even get another one in December so I should hit the mark for goal 1 barring any more injuries.  Right now, my damn ankle is sprained.  😦

For goal 2, I haven’t put one wheel in motion as far as starting a business.  I give myself an excuse because Mace and I have been working on getting published in a journal.  Guerrilla Social Work!  The business can wait, getting published in an academic journal is step 1 in Global Domination.  Grade: A-

For goal 3, I give myself a B.  We’ve been pretty consistent on date night, but not worthy of an A.

I’ll get straight A’s.  What about you?  Get going already.



5 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. Shit, I feel like I’m being called out. Haha. I’ve been a bit of a slacker. Although, we still have 4 months left:):):) Here we go…. I’ll post my grade after each one. My resolutions are:

    1. This one is continued from last year: BE DEBT FREEEEEE, by 2010.
    ***Ummm… I get a C, thus far. I WAS debt free, but I’m in a little debt now. Nothing major, though.***

    2. I want to dedicate a good chunk of my time to animal’s rights. This includes donating once a month to ASPCA and/or PETA, volunteering at the animal shelter at least once a month, and helping in any way that I possibly can through blogging on different “ask” websites. I’m also going to remain a vegetarian throughout the year.. well, I’m hopeful that it will be permanent!
    ***Ok. I give myself an A- so far. The only thing I haven’t kept up with is the volunteering at the shelter once a month.***

    Drop 3-5% in body fat! I’m gonna do it:)
    **** Shit… don’t even ask. Lol… I give myself a D because I still have 4 months… hahaha. ****

    4. I love my Paul time:) I need to spend more time with my lady friends, though:) I’d like to dedicate at LEAST one night out of the month to my ladies.
    ***I give myself an A. I have spent a lot more time with the girls.***

    5. When I go back to school in the spring I want to continue with my 4.0 GPA. ***Ok, so I couldn’t go back to school in the spring. But, I’m starting back monday… I can’t really grade this yet, of course. I know I’ll get an A++++ though… ;)***

    6. OH, last but not least. There will be no getting drunk until my credit card debt is paid off… ick! It kills me just to type that! ***Obviously this is a big fat F!!!! What was I even thinking?! Lol****

    I’ll keep working on them! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Don’t remember my new year’s resolutions because I don’t think I even made any.. I’m lazy I know. Good work on yours though bro. I will see you soon by the way. Whether you like it or not sucka!

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