Plagiarism: Impossible to avoid?

I was listening to a radio talk show, and the host was demeaning the listening audience by accusing them of lacking original thought.  His point was most people are mindless drones, heedlessly regurgitating catch phrases and talking points offered by political figureheads and media personalities.  The host thought of himself as an original thinker, claiming himself to be a treasured rarity in the media.

I thought about it, and it isn’t possible to have an original thought.  The way my brain is putting together my argument is frustratingly haphazard, so bear with me.  My argument is as follows.

1) Our minds are a blank slate at birth (A baby knows nothing of the world prior to birth).

2) Our minds are originally filled with information solely by the way our senses relay information to the brain (A baby is born in a world that appears chaotic; nothing makes sense.  Everything is sights, sounds, smells, and sensation with no real order.  Only after a baby’s senses allow it to categorize and group things does it begin to distinguish caregivers from lawn chairs).

3) Thoughts are constructed, relayed, pondered, and delivered through language (Once the baby mentally categorizes things, she will learn names for those categories: mom, dad, food, poo poo).


4) Once these categories are seen to have a particular function, we begin to see the relationship between them and form higher-order thoughts, i.e. consequential thinking (If the baby cries when hungry, her mom will feed her).

5) The more we develop, the more complex our thinking becomes based on our experience of the world by way of our senses.

6) Thus, all thought is stolen from those around us.  This blog isn’t original.  I stole my current thoughts from God knows where.  I owe somebody for my ability to think up inane material to post on my blog.  Hell, you, the reader, now owe me!  You are obligated to reference Killer J any time the topic of “original thought” comes up.

Prove me wrong.


8 thoughts on “Plagiarism: Impossible to avoid?

  1. I like the picture of poo with the smiley 🙂 Next time I say original thought I will defiantly give you credit husband 🙂
    your Wife

  2. Well, number one you got from John Locke.

    Number two: from William James.

    Number three: from Descartes.

    Number four: probably John Locke

    Number five: John Locke

    Number six: well, I guess the host that you listened.

    Having original thoughts are hard. But it seems that the famous intellectual people are those that have come up with something original. As my philosophy professor once said, if you want to become famous, think of an idea that’s totally different.

  3. Here is an original thought………………If a married man is naked in the woods and happens to hump a tree hole full of sap is it really cheating?

    Who has ever thought of that?

    It was all mine Jeff

  4. Another problem is that if you come up with an original idea, it will flow from you and will be detected by other thinking beings, so if you are slow in making it known, somebody will do it first…

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