Dreading Jackson Saturation

If this comes across as heartless, so be it.  I’m already sick of hearing about Michael Jackson’s death.  It reminds me of when Anna Nicole Smith died.  These drug addled celebrity types get more press when they O.D. than actual, tragic events like 911.  I was surfing through the news channels this morning, as I always do, and could not find one station reporting anything different.  I get that he is a cultural icon, but the bombardment of every mundane detail coupled with weeping celebrities recounting this “great” man’s life is ridiculous.

I turn on CNN, and they have this guy giving his thoughts:


Honestly, Kurt Loder?  So, I turn to FOX and find this (which is actually pretty awesome):

MSNBC and all the other alphabet stations had similar stuff.  My prediction is we will continue to be saturated, bombarded, and psychologically raped by Jackson tributes for the next four weeks.  You heard it here first. 


4 thoughts on “Dreading Jackson Saturation

  1. I’m with you. That’s why I did a post the day of his death in hopes that we can get the topic back to the “real” news. You know how local news just talks about his death for about five minutes and they move on to the next story? These 24-hour news stations should’ve done that. As Trey Parker says, “People are dying all over the world and there’s starvation and famines, and what we’re asking ourselves is, ‘Hooray! Will Smith has really cool pants on right now.'”

  2. Oh please. 1. His death is NOT getting MORE coverage than 911. 2. Michael’s death IS REAL news. People love him. He’s not going anywhere for a while so you better get used to it! 3. Have some respect… the King of Pop just died, DIED, pretty final right? Give people a chance to mourn him because that’s what some people need to do when someone they love passes away. Weather you liked him or not doesn’t matter, some of us did and we appreciate the respect and tributes he’s receiving. I mean, didn’t people lay into him enough while he was alive? Let him get the respect he deserves and the love and support he should have had when he was going through all of that bull shit. Like I said, he’s not going anywhere. I mean damn Jeffers… At LEAST wait more than 2 days to post something like this.. gosh. Ya big babies. There:) I feel better. Jeff… get to building that play list now! Thanks:)

  3. Fare, Fare, Fare. Your opinion is so precious sometimes. Tributes are fine, but let MTV, BET, and A&E take care of that. Not actual news stations.

  4. Lol! Why can’t actual news stations take care of it as well?! Jeff, Jeff, Jeff… you can’t deny the King of Pop was a HUGE inspiration around he world, he’s more popular than… anyone…. ever. Lol. Just quit your crying and get back to writing the good blogs;)

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