Devolution via Technology

Technology is often talked about in positive terms when it comes to communication.  Being able to talk to people halfway across the world on the computer or telephone, access to a nearly unlimited wealth of information several seconds away with a Google search, and talking with distant loved ones via email or phone call proves this.


Now, while technology may improve the speed and accessibility of communication, certain aspects of technology have sure turned our nation in to bumbling buffoons bereft of the ability of sentence construction.  Think about how text messaging has paired our language down to shitty acronyms, abbreviations, and lame internet shorthand.  The English language has about 500,000 words.   Try talking to a 14 year old.  I guarantee the pubescent puke below knows of maybe 50 of those 500,000!


What can you do about it?  Nothing, really.  Just know one of the main factors distinguishing us from lower-order animals is diminishing as rapidly as our technological capability increases.  Soon enough we’ll be reduced to grunting Troglodytes zipping about in Lasermobiles.


WTF kind of life is that?  GTFO Noob, or risk PWNAGE.


14 thoughts on “Devolution via Technology

  1. Haha! I couldn’t agree more. Hell, I can’t even understand half of the “Text lingo” that’s out there. Also, have you ever caught yourself forgetting how to spell a simple, every day word because your predictive text isn’t there to help you!? Haha, I’ll admit it… I sure as hell have! I always catch myself saying, “How do you spell …..oh I’ll just type it in my phone for trial and error!” I used to be the spelling bee champ, what the hell happened?! Not only that, but technology is completely taking away from our social skills! Why go visit somebody when you can just send out a text, video, IM, or email?! I was telling my parents the other day how Myspace takes away from my desire to go out with friends, or have lunch just to catch up. “Shit, I’ll just send them a comment or a text and that’ll work!” Goodness, what is this new “advanced” world coming to?!!?! omg…. whatev.

  2. I feel ya, Fare. I pride myself on being a good speller, but I have definitely relied on predictive text to bail me out more than once. Shit.

  3. You should read Heidegger’s On the Question of Technology. It talks about the same exact shit you’re saying. It’s a somewhat complex piece, but well worth reading.

    There have been three possible solutions if you’re interested:

    1. The solution is the philosophy of Praxis. We must go back to philosophical Marxism (not political). It’s the idea that technology takes away the idea of having a human face in front of us and we see each other in terms of quantity or as a means. We must learn praxis.

    2. It could be that we’re part of the older generation and so we see the younger with skepticism because of their newfangled technology and they say stuff that seems to be part of their lingo. Whatever happened to the good ol’ days. In other words, we’re elitist and nostalgic.

    3. Welcome to Postmodernism. 🙂 There are no rules, barriers, or guidelines about how to enjoy your life. You might as well have fun with it!

  4. I really hate texting with acronyms. I strive for excellence in spelling and punctuation in all of my electronic communications.

    Also, I saw a story on Nightline last week. There are now 1 Million words in the english language. Number 999,999? Octomom ( not a joke). What is the Millionth word you ask ? Web 2.0. How fitting is that ??

  5. I try and refrane from using those acronyms whenever I text. That keeps me from forgeting how to spell the simplest of words.

    • I kind of do the same thing when I’m typing something up in Word. If I spell something wrong, I won’t use the spell checker. I try to figure it out. Sometimes if I type it wrong and then figure it out, I’ll erase the correct spelling and rewrite it once again to lock it in my brain.

      Is that a bit obsessive?

  6. I do the exact same thing when I am typing. I use to always rely on spell checker or Vic, but Vic is very annoying with telling me to go and get the dictionary. I guess it has helped me out more than anything now. I also avoid using contractions whenever I can. I feel people’s vocabulary is horrible in general and that is one of many things I want to instill in Jack -good grammer!

  7. Good for you on instilling good grammar in your ankle biter. Also, I can definitely see Vic telling you to get a dictionary. That’s hilarious!

  8. Ahaha… How funny. I agree with you to some degree and then I kind of have to disagree. I mean, the use of wtf, lol, lmao, etc. doesn’t seem like such a big deal… But wen ppl start 2 tipe lyke dis I do question myself. I’m actually quite young myself, so I know A LOT of people who type like that. It’s annoying and it’s hard to take them seriously sometimes. Try talking to someone who’s too lazy enough to type actual words for God’s sake. I enjoy texting and things like that. A quick way for me to get in contact with a lot of people at once. Anyway, Just giving a young mind’s opinion around a bunch of old folks. ;D That’s a text smiley face, by the way.

  9. NSFU!, I’m all about texting for the same reasons you are. I’m weird though, as I text complete sentences with punctuation. Thanks for dropping by my blog. TTYL NSFU! LMAOLOLWTFROLCOPTORZ!!!!11

  10. omg! lke wtf r u tlkng abowt?! I spk prfctly gud eng!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

    Okay sorry lol..

    Okay sorry again *laughs out loud*

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