Northwest Submission Challenge

I did pretty well this past weekend!  I took first place in my weight division and second place in the absolute division (all weight classes).

victory awards

As far as the weight cutting…

In this corner, weighing in at 182 lbs…



I’ll post the pictures I have now, and upgrade once I get some of the higher quality stuff from friends.  I may even have some video to post.


Get position…                                                         Isolate the arm…


…and bend it where it’s not supposed to go.  This guy didn’t tap, the ref actually called it before something bad happened to his shoulder joint.  Tough dude, but jeez, there’s no reason not to tap if you’re caught!  He seemed okay after, even though I unintentionally cut his eyebrow mid match as well.  I know how THAT goes, trust me.

square-off1 guard-problem2

I got stuck in this guy’s guard most of the match, but eventually passed and ended up getting my points from North/South to win this match.  I have a cool clip of the guard pass, but wordpress won’t allow Quicktime for some reason.

Below are a couple absolute opponents.

sidemount21 losing

I had 50 lbs. on this poor guy, and this guy beat me in the absolute final.


…and this is me celebrating with the wife and fellow Westside crew at Famous Dave’s.  This may have actually been the highlight of the trip after the hellish weight cutting crap.  Overall, it was an awesome time.  Next tournament, I’m entering a higher skill division so I better celebrate the wins while I can!


9 thoughts on “Northwest Submission Challenge

  1. Again, I ask…. Where is your body fat?! How will you stay warm when it’s cold out!?!? lol. Just kidding, all jokes aside, I’m totally proud of you! Wish we could have all been there! I bet that Famous Dave’s tasted absolutely AMAZING! I always love a nice, fattening meal after starving myself for weeks. lol. Anyway, good job… keep kickin ass, you bad ass mo-fo.

  2. Your kind of a big deal. Good thing I get to go to bed with you at night…. or something a little more appropriate 🙂

  3. Nice job man! That’s awesome! I’d like to go to one of these tourneys. let us know when you do a local one.

  4. Man, what’s with you and Jessica launching the Rex Kwon Do references? haha As far as my needs for an agent, you’d be my first choice. I’m just lacking one major thing: actual talent. Don’t forget, this victory was definitely not in a professional division and I sure as hell can’t act. But, I’ll keep you in mind.

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