Food Heaven on Valentine’s Day

Hi world.  I have the best wife in the business.  Katchie has made me dinner every Valentine’s Day we have been together.  She always does a pretty good job, but this past Saturday was insane!

She quarantined me to the computer room while she cooked dinner.  I was up there for a good two hours, so I figured something was up.  Something, indeed.  After being summoned downstairs, I came face to face with Jesus in food form.  She had a candle light dinner prepared that looked straight out of a cooking show.  I don’t know fancy terms for food, but that shit looked PROFESSIONAL!

She made me some white sauce lasagna (which I’ve never had before) and Caprese salad, bread and oil/vinegar, and a fruit dessert.  Readers: I’m not making up my next statement to earn brownie points with my wife, whom I’m sure will read this.  Here it goes: This was the best food I’ve ever had.  It was Alfredo Ambrosia, I swear it on my life.

This picture came to mind, as I’m sure my wife had divine inspiration.  Except my wife doesn’t have a penis.  If she did, it’d be bigger than this dudes’.

Well, this got weird in a hurry.  Anyway, I’m done bragging about my lady.  I love that wife of mine!


7 thoughts on “Food Heaven on Valentine’s Day

  1. HaHaHa! Love the blog! Katchie never gives herself enough credit–she has cooked some pretty amazing meals! You are one lucky guy!

  2. Hands down, sweetest blog ever!!!! I love that you wrote this blog. It’s not the usual, ‘Oh, I love my wife, she’s beautiful and nice and pretty.’ Which is always nice to hear, but this had so much more substance. I have to say, it’s one of my favorite blogs you’ve written and I kinda love your shit… just sayin. But damn, GO Katch! This blog alone makes me want to marry her! Love you two as a couple.. and as individuals OF COURSE!

  3. Steph and Fare’s comments are pretty great! If Katchie reads those I’m in the black for sure on nice guy points.

    Shaun, how the hell do I make it play music? I see it’s an option, but I don’t know how. I’ll add that hallelujah stuff if I can. Haha

  4. You are pretty lucky to be married to such an amazing girl! That dinner sounds amazing! Haha and way to earn brownie points while praising her in public 😉 Well done!

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