Food Heaven on Valentine’s Day

Hi world.  I have the best wife in the business.  Katchie has made me dinner every Valentine’s Day we have been together.  She always does a pretty good job, but this past Saturday was insane!

She quarantined me to the computer room while she cooked dinner.  I was up there for a good two hours, so I figured something was up.  Something, indeed.  After being summoned downstairs, I came face to face with Jesus in food form.  She had a candle light dinner prepared that looked straight out of a cooking show.  I don’t know fancy terms for food, but that shit looked PROFESSIONAL!

She made me some white sauce lasagna (which I’ve never had before) and Caprese salad, bread and oil/vinegar, and a fruit dessert.  Readers: I’m not making up my next statement to earn brownie points with my wife, whom I’m sure will read this.  Here it goes: This was the best food I’ve ever had.  It was Alfredo Ambrosia, I swear it on my life.

This picture came to mind, as I’m sure my wife had divine inspiration.  Except my wife doesn’t have a penis.  If she did, it’d be bigger than this dudes’.

Well, this got weird in a hurry.  Anyway, I’m done bragging about my lady.  I love that wife of mine!