Westside Jiu-Jitsu vs. Foley’s MMA

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Westside Jiu-Jitsu vs. Foley’s MMA

Westside Jiu-Jitsu vs. Foley’s MMA

Today, my gym competed against another gym in a grappling tournament.  It was my first tournament ever.

I weighed in at 199, thinking I would be in the 190-199 class.  I also planned on entering in the “beginner division.”  The tournament organizers ended up combining the 190-99 and 200-09 weight classes, and also combined all skill levels; novice-advanced.  This sudden change of plans really amped me up.  I was shaking from adrenaline.  It’s a crazy feeling!

My matches went like this:
Match 1: This guy had been training for three months, but was pretty solid.  I had a hard time taking him down.  Also, my adrenaline was so charged up that I basically expended my energy two minutes in to the bout.  I finally secured a take down and moved in to side control (my bread and butter).  He was a strong kid, and I had a tough time doing much with my positioning.  He kept exposing his back during his attempt at scrambling, so I took his back and tried for the Rear Naked Choke (sounds fruity, right?).  He fought it off well, rolled in to my guard and then stood up per his coach’s instruction.  I got back up, clinched and took him down falling in to side control again.  This time he exposed himself for the shoulder choke and I took it.  It took me a good minute to get him to tap; he had a lot of heart.  Finally, I felt him tap and secured my first victory.

Match 2, semi-finals:  This guy had just won his previous bout by flying arm-lock, which had me pretty wary.  We clinched, he shot and I stuffed it and moved in to side control (I love side control).  He fought hard, but left an arm exposed and I cranked on a shoulder lock.  His elbow made a popping noise, so I let off some pressure since I’m not really trying to hurt the guy.  Nevertheless, he tapped and I got my second victory.  He is a guy I train with, and I felt bad about popping his elbow.  I checked up on him, and he said he was fine.  This was a good victory, as he’s a tough guy with a lot of experience.

Match 3, finals:  I can’t believe I’m actually in the finals.  My opponent was a guy I have known forever, and actually trains at Westside.  That was cool, since no matter who won my gym would get the victory for our division.  Like I mentioned before, I have known this guy for a long time and he has trained for several years.  Nine times out of ten, he probably beats me.  I was determined not to let this intimidate me.  The two of us started out slow, as neither of us wanted to commit to a shot and make a mistake.  He ended up shooting in on me several times.  I stuffed most of his shots, but on his last shot he got in to my hips and drove me down.  On the way down, he left his chin exposed so I pulled guard and sunk my arm below his chin for the guillotine choke.

I can’t believe I actually pulled out a tournament victory!  It wasn’t ADCC, or Grappler’s Quest or anything but I have to start somewhere.  I still have a ton to work on, it just happened to be my night I guess.


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