Live like there is no tomorrow…?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Live like there is no tomorrow… ?
Current mood:  thirsty

Is there a virtue to creeping through life, like a tortoise?
We’re constantly encouraged to do things like “seize the day” or “live like there is no tomorrow.”
I’m sure the originators of such sage advice had only the best intentions.  The thing is, I can’t help but wonder what this advice has on others; because it turns me into an anxious bastard.

I’ll be surfing myspace, watching T.V., or playing my X Box and then it happens.  One of those quotes will enter my mind and trigger a cascade of thoughts.
* Am I really better off doing this?
*What should I be doing?
*This is a waste of my time and life, I should be doing something!

I’ll then get the impulsive urge to leap to my feet, sprint out the door and catch the next space shuttle flight, leap out prior to exiting the atmosphere and hang-glide to the Congo to poach machine-gun wielding Silverbacks, head-butt baby sharks, organize a counter-revolution designed to effectively crumble the current government, and establish manifest destiny as King of Africa.

Ya know?

So, raise your glasses! Here’s to working towards doing absolutely nothing and wasting our remaining time here on Earth!!!



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