Complacency Crusade: sign up here

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Complacency Crusade
Current mood:  rejuvenated
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Complacency Crusade: sign up here

There are many moments in our life in which we reach a state of mastery over our current situation.  When we are very young, these moments of mastery are fleeting, as the next available “step” to master is usually plainly visible to move up the ladder as a functional human being.  Once we have mastered crawling, we work on mastering walking. Once we have that down, we might learn to run; running leads to jumping, etc.

We go through life in this way: mastering school, engaging in friendships,  beginning relationships, maintaining/ascertaining employment, whatever.  The problem is, once we have reached a state of functioning that is “good enough,” we tend to stop looking for the next thing that we can master.  We may be just comfortable enough in our lives, as we have our basic needs met and maybe even some extra comforts.

This is great, but can lead to stagnation if you don’t challenge yourself to learn something, work on personal weaknesses, take up a hobby, or make new friends.  Stagnation leads to complacency, and if left unchecked, complacency can lead to nasty things like depression and herpes.  (You’re still reading, right?)

I haven’t quite reached a stage of feeling down and out, but I need a challenge.  I have my goal picked out, and it’s in the form of a hobby.  Something simple, fun, and definitely challenging.  I’m one day into this hobby, and I’ve already felt the change.

With that said…  Make a goal for yourself RIGHT NOW.  Post it on my blog if you like; it feeds my ego to know people read my blog. If not, make a goal anyway.


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