Black and Blue (belt)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Black and Blue (belt)
Category: Sports

I went to training today (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA class) after taking two weeks off to clear up a nasty skin infection.  All of the guys there immediately began running their mouths, and let me know I was in for it.  “Yeah, whatever,” I thought.  After the technique portion of practice, we began drilling live as usual.  That’s when the “fun” began.

Immediately after I’d roll with one opponent, another guy would jump in.  This isn’t all that abnormal at the beginning of practice when everybody is fresh.  Well, the opponents kept coming, and coming, and coming.  I held my own at first, but the more I gassed out the sloppier I got.  I started getting tooled by EVERYBODY.

My instructor and some of the higher level guys were the last ones I rolled with for the day.  They really put a hurting on me.  They were doing dickhead moves like grinding elbows in my ribs, neck cranks, and other extremely uncomfortable shit.  I was like a wet rag after an hour and a half of non stop grappling, but these guys kept after me like a pack of wolves!  I may have tapped out more tonight than the past three months combined.

Long story (somewhat) short, training ended and I drug myself back to my bag to pack up and head home.  By this time, the class had gathered around me and clapped while my instructor handed me my Blue!

Awesome feeling, but man, I did not feel blue belt level after getting tooled like that.  Getting my blue belt was one of my goals for the year, and I made it with about ninety days to spare!  


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