Bin Laden’s America

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bin Laden’s America
Current mood:  thoughtful
Category: News and Politics

I was reading Bin Laden’s transcript from the new video that came out.  He’s a surprisingly skilled writer.  He truly comes across as siding with the American people on our collective disdain for the president’s admittedly horrible job as Commander in Chief.
He has obviously been listening to our media, as he echoes our frustration with the war, hits on global warming, and speaks of feeling our disappointment with the Democrats for not using their new power to stop Bush’s war.
Throughout this pseudo-sympathetic speech, he references the joys of living under an Islamic Theocracy while comparatively ripping the setbacks of a Capitalist Democracy.  He urges us to join Islam.  The only other alternative, as we know, is death.
I must say, the guy is very well spoken.  I’m wondering if more than a few weak minded, summarily war-worn and frustrated Westerners will jump ship.  Citizens of our society truly look for the quick-fix for that which ails them, and the beautiful mirage Bin Laden has painted in the video message is just the quick-fix to which many ignorant, intellectually feeble folks will subscribe.
All in all, he’s guiding our country’s collective unconsious and subsequent “opinion” exactly as he sees fit.


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