Aggro Submission Grappling Championship

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aggro Submission Grappling Championship
Current mood:  discontent

Sub4Santa Tournament

Well, I competed in my second tournament today.  I didn’t fare as well as last time, as I got silver instead of gold.  I shouldn’t beat myself up too much, as this was a much larger tournament than my first.  Nevertheless, I got beat in the championship match in my division (beginner, no gi, light heavyweight).

Both my win and my loss were nothing spectacular, as both fights were decided on points.  I took the first guy down and moved in to side control.  He immediately bear hugged my head like his life depended on it for the majority of the match, so I couldn’t do much as far as advancing my position.  I beat him on points.

Second match was against this guy that had a strong wrestling base.  Both of us had a hell of a time getting either one to the mat at first, but eventually he secured a take down and landed in side control.  The rest of the match was spent jockeying for position, and not much happened.  He won on points due to the take down and good positioning.

Losing to him sucked because I didn’t feel like I did much, but it was good enough for silver.  He was a solid fighter, and earned the win so I’m not complaining about anything.  He was the better man… today.  I’ll be back in the gym at Westside improving my weak spots and will maybe catch up with him in another tournament.

I do find solace in knowing that proceeds for the tournament went to help dead kids or something.  Jingle bells, and Christmas spirit… 


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